Deck Tools

How to Build Your Deck

Tools of the Trade:

There are many deck tools available. However, most are inadequate when it comes to making your installation of ipe decking a smooth and efficient one. To save you time and the inevitable headaches, we are going to reveal what the best decking tools are.

hardwood wrench
  • Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum and a turned hardwood handle
  • Ability to lock into place for a secure fit
  • Easy one-person use
  • Ability to simultaneously bend multiple deck boards
  • Reversible handle
  • Movable pins adjust for many joist thicknesses

Hardwood Wrench™:

Long deck boards may come with a light bend. That’s what the Hardwood Wrench™ is for. It’s the best of its kind.

Ipe Clip® Hidden Fasteners:

The Ipe Clip® brand of deck fasteners is ideal for hardwood decking species. When it comes to ipe decking, installing pre-grooved decking with hidden deck fasteners will ensure that your deck has a clean and professional look as well as the strength and durability to endure years of use and wear.

ipe clip
  • Built to last
  • Designed to allow ipe boards to naturally expand and contract
  • Stainless steel inserts amplifies holding force
  • Square design provides greatest hold
  • Fits neatly in typical biscuit joint slots
  • Practically unbreakable
  • Color options include brown, black, and gray

Ready to Build?

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