Ipe Decking Profiles

Decking for Any Application

Standard E4E S4S:

Eased 4 Edges, Surfaced 4 Sides. This is the most versatile profile, used for more than just decking. Other uses include:

  • Siding
  • Inlays
  • Lattices
  • Gazebos
  • Stairs
Standard E4E S4S Profile Standard E4E S4S Profile
Pregrooved Profile Pregrooved Profile


This is our most popular profile. The grooves running along the length of each board are designed for hidden fastening systems like Ipe Clip. A deck installed this way presents a clean surface, no nails or screws visible.

Tongue & Groove

T&G decking is designed for covered areas that won’t receive a lot of moisture. Each board fits together with no gap spacing in between, which gives you a smooth, even surface, but prevents water drainage. The T&G profile is best used for:

  • Sunrooms
  • Covered porches and patios
  • Lanais
  • Interior areas with heating and air conditioning
Tongue & Groove Profile Tongue & Groove Profile
Ipe Tip

The term odds and evens may come up when ordering ipe decking. Odd and even pricing is a way to save you money by keeping waste to a minimum. Tell us your deck design specs and we’ll ensure you have exactly what you need.

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