What Is Ipe Decking?

Setting the Standard in Low-Maintenance Decking

What Is It?

Ipe (pronounced EE-pay) is indigenous to Central and South America. Ipe decking inherits the tree’s natural properties to make it the toughest, longest-lasting decking material available. As you can see in the many pictures on this site, ipe decks add touch of class to any outdoor space.

The more you learn about ipe wood decking, the more you’ll understand why architects and designers around the world prefer it to any other option.

Ipe Deck Around a Tree

Ipe Decking Features:

Ipe is rich brown with red and amber hues. It has an extremely dense interlocking grain which can be either wavy or straight, and offers superior slip resistance.

Ipe Decking
Ipe Tip

Did you know that ipe is as widespread in the tropics as yellow pine is in the US? Thanks to increased awareness and innovations in the lumber industry, you can buy eco-friendly ipe that has been responsibly cultivated and harvested.

Hardware and Tools?

Installing an ipe deck can be a straightforward and seamless process when you use the right equipment. Because of ipe’s high density, predrilling and carbide saw blades are required. If you have any questions about installing ipe, give us a call. We have a staff of decking experts waiting to answer!

Carbide Saw Blade


Ipe is very low-maintenance. If you want to keep your deck surface clean, just brush off leaves and clean up spills when they happen. You don’t have to worry about mold or preservative treatments. The color will fade to a silver patina over time, but this has no effect on the deck’s structural integrity. To preserve the color, just apply a quick coat of Ipe Oil.

Gray Ipe Decking

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